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Staffing industry has grown to be a $65 billion dollar industry. Every day, staffing services place 2.2 millions workers with employment. Trends show that a growing number of workers prefer flexibility and choice when it comes to employment opportunities. 74% of temporary employees use staffing as a bridge to fulltime employment. As the primary employer, contract and temporary staffing services are responsible for the safety and well-being of the workers they place as well as providing the necessary insurance coverages; the most significant of which is workers compensation.  

This business model requires a specialized approach to loss prevention and risk management. Staffing services exercise indirect control over the client worksite and onsite supervision is often the responsibility of the client. The industry has risen to meet these challenges with programming which effectively accommodates these requirements. The effectiveness of the best practices that comprise the WRC standard is proven by over 15 years worth of statistical data and industry insight.

Workers Compensation Risk Certification (WRC) Workers' Compensation Risk Certification
The objective of the Workers Compensation Risk Certification (WRC, pronounced “work”) is to grant underwriters insight into to the operations of staffing firms and support the continued innovation of workers compensation products for companies who practice best-in-class risk management. WRC focuses on the critical area of safety in the staffing relationship. The WRC Certified logo identifies companies meeting the highest standards in safety and risk management. The program is administered by staffing leadership provided by Risk Control Group (RCG); the nation’s fifth largest private risk management consulting firm.

Look for the WRC Certified Seal
Drawing influence from the ISO family of standards, staffing firms undergo a comprehensive operational evaluation process to earn the designation WRC Certified.  This includes how they prescreen, qualify and interview applicants. The process also deals with how employees are evaluated, matched to jobs and trained before they are sent to a worksite. Furthermore, the WRC Certification process extends into client selection and how staffing services inspect client worksites, build safety partnerships, and continue communication with clients. Should an accident or injury occur, WRC Certified firms are trained to react immediately, control the treatment process, provide modified duty, and work with the client to ensure that all workers are safe from similar harm.

The WRC certification program and are dedicated to educating the insurance marketplace on this important industry and the controls that staffing companies employ to control workers compensation costs. Carriers that are interested in learning more about underwriting workers compensation coverage for staffing firms are encouraged to contact us
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Several carriers and specialty programs currently recognize the WRC certification. Please contact RCG for more information on how WRC certification can aide your efforts in marketing for coverage opportunities for your staffing clients.
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