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Staffing services earning the designation WRC Certified are positioned to provide the best possible service to you, the customer, by establishing a partnership with the following benefits:

Familiarity with Customer Facilities
The WRC certification requires that services conduct a thorough site inspection before assigning workers to a customer facility. This is because, in order to provide high quality labor, it is critical to understand a customerís work environment, machinery, training needs, productions goals, etc. This information is used to provide the best possible workforce.

Talent Matching
WRC certified services offer superior matching of talent to client work environment and production goals. It is important to have an intimate understanding of your operations in order provide workers who meet a customerís standard. This includes the physical abilities to fulfill the essential functions of the job as well as skill sets that are consistent with a customerís operations. Being WRC certified requires that the applicant intake process consider extensive criteria.

Lower Turnover
Because of the comprehensive screening and filtering processes, WRC certified staffing services employ higher quality workers. Staffing services that are WRC certified demonstrate significantly lower turnover rates than general industry averages.

Less Downtime and Increased Productivity
Accidents in the workplace can grind a business to a temporary halt. These business interruptions cost money. Also, the time and resources necessary to retrain personnel is costly and time consuming. While no-one can guarantee that employees will work accident-free, WRC Certified services take all the necessary steps to ensure workers are properly trained and qualified to work at a customerís facility.

Preservation of Customer Safety Record
OSHA Recordkeeping regulations dictate that all reportable incidents taking place at a customer site are documented on the OSHA 300 Log belonging to that facility. WRC Certified services are aware of the importance of a positive safety record along with their role in protecting the customerís experience. They will seek to partner with customers to promote safety awareness, ensure proper training, and provide a safe working environment for all employees.

Information on OSHA recordkeeping regulations (1904.31) is available at

Client-Specific Orientation
The customer is always best qualified to provide site-specific training. However, WRC certified services will seek to understand a customerís orientation needs in order to ensure workers have a basic understanding before assignment. WRC certification requires that all workers undergo a documented general safety orientation. When a staffing service identifies a worker that fits a customerís personnel needs, they may customize the orientation processes to reflect the work environments at that customer's worksite.

Safety Consultation
WRC certified staffing services view safety as a value-added benefit in any staffing relationship. The aggregated experience partnering with customers in dozens of industries, positions them to provide you with unique insight on safety-related issues. Where qualified, WRC certified services are happy to assist the customer. This commitment begins with the initial inspection.



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